What Other Botanical Supplements Can I Mix with Kratom?

On its own, kratom can provide a unique experience that provides you with both stimulating and calming benefits. To get the best out of a pure kratom experience, you should buy kratom supplements online from a reliable and trusted vendor that produces top-quality kratom products; free of adulterants and anything that can affect your kratom experience.

But did you know that you can mix other supplements alongside kratom for a wholly unique experience? Kratom potentiation can increase the duration of the effects and require less time for the effects to kick in. Here are some safe supplements you can mix while taking kratom.

Chamomile or Green Tea

Kratom can be added to different types of drinks, especially for those who want to mask the earthy and bitter flavor kratom powder can have. But for a healthier option, you can mix kratom while steeping teas like chamomile and green tea. These flavors can mask the bitterness of kratom while keeping that naturally earthy flavor.

On top of the flavor, these teas can have natural calming effects that can enhance the calming effects of kratom. If you’re nervous or worried to the point that it’s hard to relax or fall asleep, a mix of tea and the right amount of kratom may be the right solution for you.

Yerba Mate Tea

If you like the idea of tea but want to experience kratom’s more energetic side, opt for green or white-vein kratom and mix it with stimulating teas like yerba mate. While improving the flavor, it can also give you that energy boost that’s perfect for when you need to start a long and busy day.


You can find turmeric supplements, turmeric powder, or turmeric tea online, in supermarkets, or in specialty spice stores. Adding kratom with these turmeric products has been a popular way to enhance the effects of kratom. Many kratom users report that mixing turmeric with your kratom powder can enhance the duration of kratom’s effects based on the way it affects kratom’s alkaloids.

Valerian Root

You can take valerian root as a supplement and combine with kratom capsules, or you can steep valerian root into a tea and mix with kratom powder. Valerian root is often used by those who have difficulty sleeping, which kratom can help with in small doses. Kratom users can get a more soothing and relaxing sensation by combining the two, which may help with their sleeping habits and provide for a more restful sleep.


Caffeine supplements or any food or drink containing caffeine can help kratom’s stimulant effect be more potent. When combined, these can enhance your attention, energy, and focus. This is great for individuals who need to be alert and attentive at all times.

Cat’s Claw

Available as a supplement or a woody vine that can be steeped into a tea, cat’s claw contains alkaloids that are similar to kratom. When combining kratom and cat’s claw, some users report that the duration of kratom’s effects appear to last longer.


Kratom can be combined with this cannabidiol for a stronger sensation. Hemp is a common source of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, and like kratom, it has calming and anxiety-reducing properties. Both have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties in addition to being anti-inflammatory and analgesic. This makes it an excellent option for those seeking pain relief.

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Kratom is good enough on its own – especially if you get pure kratom powder online from a reliable source. But if you want to take your kratom experience to the next level, these are some of the botanicals and natural products you can add to your regular routine to enhance the effects of your kratom dose. Keep in mind that factors like your tolerance can vary, so whether you want a stimulating or calming effect, you might have to try different types of supplements before you get the experience you want.

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