The Dakind Challenge was exactly what I needed after shoulder surgery from years of heavy lifting.  The challenge, along with Dakind Trainwreck for energy and Red Maeng Da for pain, got me back to the gym.  I’ve continued and now have 9 weeks of consistent 5 days a week training.  Mahalos to Dakind Botanicals for helping me get my energy and health back. 

Dwayne DeCaires

“Here’s more info for U on Your Kratom! 

1) I had a very painful Lt. Thumb & wrist. 2) my rt index finger started hurting again 10 days after the first application of kratom salve! I subsequently put the salve on both & w/in an hour the arthritic pain was gone!  3) my neck & lower back were also painful ( as usual ) so I took 5 Red Maenga Da capsules & laid down for an hour & ALL pains are gone! This stuff really works!”

Al Verdin

I’m not great at words but this sums up my experience. I’m grateful for the Dakind Challenge, it definitely helped me notice how my moods, daily activity, and motivation was throughout the day more. I still have habits I want to break but the challenge helped me realized some of them aren’t as bad as I thought. Thank you for the challenge, it was great.

Katy Reynolds

Never tried Kratom before but always wanted to try it and get more into the plant medicine field /to know how it works and explore what is best for me.When the challenge started I was traveling and had lots of activities so I needed lots of energy. Different stains worked differently on me Premium Bali was very boosting so I took it in the morning to be more energetic during the day and I think that’s my fav strain on the go, Red Maeng Da helped me with my muscle soreness / even kinda calmed my nerves as well, especially great before bedtime/ made me feel more relaxed and fall asleep faster. I am grateful for the chance to participate in Dakind Challange . It was very excited to try all strains that Dakind offered. Thank you Adrienne for navigation and experience, can’t wait for the next challenge! 

Yanina Akhremchyk

After going through the experience of the Dakind Challenge, I’ve come to find that the Premium Bali really made me feel good-boosted my mood and gave me motivation to workout. The Trainwreck gave me all kinds of energy to workout longer and harder than usual with less fatigue, less post muscle soreness, and way more stamina.  And with the Red Maeng Da, as a post workout supplement it provided significant pain/soreness relief as well as anti inflammatory properties, and helped to calm me back down like a mild sedative.

Overall it was an incredible experience, very informative and there’s no question I will continue to use the products as needed for the foreseeable future, and will recommend it to everyone I know.  Thank you Dakind, and thank you Adrianne!  Can’t wait for the next Challenge!  Keep me posted!

Gary Verdin

The Dakind Challenge was neat on many levels. I enjoyed taking the different products and learning the nuances of the strains. I also get to experience the different benefits of Kratom’s properties and it’s effects on the body. I found that the Bali formula gave me the most mental focus and energy to excel at mental tasks. The Trainwreck formula was the best for post workout and recovery. My favorite blend is the  Red Maeng Da. It gave me energy both mentally and physically for performing in and out of the gym. I also noticed good pain and discomfort restorative properties. I have become a fan of all the Dakind products. I’m sold!

Trey Blaubach

I love challenging myself and trying new healthy, natural and safe products to improve or support a healthy lifestyle. With that said my husband was very curious on how my body would react when taking Kratom and asked me to do the challenge with him. I was very hesitant to do the challenge because I am very sensitive to caffeine, weed, CBD or anything that alters the state of the body or mind.  But as a support wife I committed to the challenge. Week one was very hard for me. When taking Red Maeng  Da the first day early in the morning before my workout had little to no  impact on performance. About an hour later I was extremely tired at work. I couldn’t focus and had a foggy head. I quickly learned that maybe Red Maeng Da was good to take at night one hour before bed. This whole week I was just tired. No motivation, foggy headed but fell asleep fast. Week two was very productive. I would take Bali early in the morning before working out.

After my workout my heartbeat was fast and I felt that I couldn’t catch my breath or heart beat.  I was a bit more motivated than usual and was very productive at work. Once I was done with work I felt a crash and went to bed early on those days. Week three seemed  to be normal with no affect on mood or energy. I took Trainwreck early in the morning before work out. There was no change in motivation but I did notice at this point I wasn’t as sore or hurting as much. Overall I had fun learning about the different strains of Kratom. In the process I did recommend the Red maeng Da to coworkers who have trouble sleeping.  I lastly want to mention that for the three week I did notice i was uncomfortably constipated. I have a clean eating diet and the only thing change was taking the Kratom . But after I stop taking it I was back to regular.

Brenda Aguilar 

I didn’t know about Kratom before I took a challenge with Dakind Botanicals.I was very excited to participate because I was travelling, and it implied a lot of physical activities. And as a person who’s suffering from Lyme disease and having some issues with chronic muscle pain, I am telling you that Kratom is a life changer! I would feel totally disabled without the plant during my trip. It’s a perfect energy booster and painkiller with the right dosage and helped me to stay on my legs all day long! During the journey I did a lot of hiking which requires a lot of stamina and energy and I literally felt like I could reach the Moon! Well, this is where the Trainwreck kratom comes in.

It helped me to stay motivated and keep going without any heavy pain in my legs after. One more strain I loved really much was Premium Bali kratom. It helped me to overcome the difficulties with jet lag. Flying across the different time zones gives me hard nights but this strain helped me to sleep like a baby during the night.To sum it up, this fitness challenge with kratom opened the door for me to find alternative ways to deal with my health issues and I hope it’s only the beginning! Thank you, Adrianne, for keeping in touch with us all the time and great navigation during the challenge! Looking forward to taking part in the next challenge with you guys!

Katsiaryna Landziuk

Completing the Dakind Challenge was both a fun and inspiring journey, AND an eye-opening experience! This was my first time continually taking each of their three strains of kratom. The Trainwreck (which has long been my favorite) is my rocket fuel – it helps me launch into my day with energy, focus, motivation, and a great mood! Bali gives me similar effects and provides more of boost for me than the run-of-the-mill caffeine buzz I get from a cup of coffee. Had never taken the Red Mango Da before, and I was amazed at what a difference it seemed to make with helping me stay relaxed, get a good night’s sleep, and enjoy relief from the day-to-day soreness that came from exercise.

I say it was an eye-opening experience because of what a notable difference I felt across the board mentally and physically on days that I took no kratom at all.  I’ve been taking Dakind products for nearly a year now and let me tell you, they have been such a vital resource for helping me take my life to a new level in the time since.  The challenge served as hard evidence of that – I truly, truly feel like Dakind has helped me get closer and closer to the best version of myself.  On top of that, I can’t say enough about Adrianne and her team for the community they’ve helped forge leading up to, during, and after the challenge.  Thank you Dakind team for this experience and for making such an impact on me – the next challenge can’t start soon enough!! 

Tim Campbell 

This was my first time trying kratom and this was an interesting way to test several strains so I could see how my body reacted and which ones I liked better.

Since I was a first-time user, I decided to go with the minimum serving, so I was trying one capsule every day and I noticed that Kratom really helped me to improve my performance.

The strain I liked the most is Red Maeng Da since besides helping me to improve my performance it also helped me to focus more on my daily tasks.

After the challenge was done I started trying the powder and I liked it a lot. I just mixed it with hot water, I really liked the flavor and I did not need to add anything else to it. Definitely I am going to keep using kratom for exercise and also during my daily routine.

Max Castillon