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  • Rare Samoan Kava
  • Ancient strain
  • FDA regulated facility

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DAKIND AMERICAN SAMOA KAVA: A Unique and Exquisite Experience

It’s here at last! Introducing the incomparable American Samoan Kava.

Experience the joyous elevation and delightful mood shift courtesy of this delectable kava blend of Ava Talo and Ava Le’a. The medium grind ensures optimal extraction without the excessive residue of a fine grind.

Optimal Use of Kava

Best enjoyed during the day and in social settings. Dakind Samoan Kava won’t send you directly to slumber. Instead, it bestows a unique, uplifted tranquility unlike any other kava available that inspires communication and alertness.

Prepare with a kava bag, shaker or even a 100 mesh strainer.

Key Features

A beautiful blend of basal and lateral roots harvested after 4 years. Mildly spicy with nutty, pepper flavors.

Use only 10 grams per 500ml of water.

Dakind Samoan Kava is perfectly dried, eliminating the need for vacuum packing. Each product comes with a 2-year expiry date.


The influx of various kava brands into the US can make it challenging to select a quality product. But worry no more!

We're Not Your Typical Importer

At Dakind, we prioritize freshness and community over volume. Our practice of importing only what we know we can sell and consume ourselves ensures that our kava is always fresh. This approach mitigates the risk of kava going bad due to incorrect packing, drying, or adverse seasons.

Local Samoan’s benefit from our success by Dakind investing back into the community with the leadership of the non-profit, Kumuola.com.

Quality Preparation is Paramount

With over 20 years of involvement in Samoa's agro-processing industry, Dakind's farmer’s expertise in kava processing is unmatched. We have personal relationships with our farmers and process our own product, refusing to deal with backyard processors or intermediaries.

Dakind assures that all kava is processed and packaged according to international standards. And while our proprietary processing methods remain a secret, the proof is in the final product.

Ensuring Freshness Through Packaging

All our kava is imported via air transport to reduce the travel time that would normally be 4-6 weeks on an ocean freighter. Additionally, the final product is packaged in the drying facility to maintain the perfect amount of moisture.

Seasoned kava drinkers may recognize that other kava can develop a moldy smell quite quickly after opening. Given the amount being imported without adequate preparation or packaging, it’s inevitable that subpar kava is currently available on the market. Choose Dakind for a product you can trust.

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