Kratom Regulations

Is Kratom Legal Where I Live?

Unfortunately, not all local governments appreciate the effects kratom can have on those who can benefit from it. As of writing, kratom legality is very complex and highly regulated in the United States. This means not all states allow the purchase and use of kratom. See the table below if your state allows you to use kratom:

State Is Kratom Legal?
Alabama Illegal
Alaska Legal
Arizona Legal (see the Kratom Consumer Protection Act of 2019)
Arkansas Illegal
California Legal (except in San Diego)

Legal, with exceptions:

  • Not allowed for human consumption in Denver
  • Illegal to sell in Parker Town and Monument Town
Connecticut Legal
Delaware Legal
Florida Legal (except in Sarasota County)
Georgia Legal (for 18 years old and older, regulated by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act)
Hawaii Legal
Idaho Legal

Legal, with exceptions

  • For 18 years old and older
  • Not allowed in Jerseyville and Alton
Indiana Illegal
Iowa Legal
Kansas Legal
Kentucky Legal
Louisiana Legal
Maine Legal 
Maryland Legal
Massachusetts Legal
Michigan Legal
Minnesota Legal
Mississippi Legal 
Missouri Legal
Montana Legal
Nebraska Legal
Nevada Legal
New Hampshire Legal for 18 years old and up
New Jersey Legal
New Mexico Legal
New York Legal 
North Carolina Legal
North Dakota Legal
Ohio Legal
Oklahoma Legal
Oregon Legal 
Pennsylvania Legal
Rhode Island Illegal
South Carolina Legal
South Dakota Legal

Legal, with exceptions:

  • For 21 years old and up
  • Must be in leaf form
  • Pure Kratom must be properly labeled with disclaimers
Texas Legal
Utah Legal
Vermont Illegal
Virginia Legal
Washington Legal
West Virginia Legal
Wisconsin Illegal
Wyoming Legal
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